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[[03/15/09 ♥ 11:45pm]]
"Time to go, this is goodbye" she says. "Does it ever get easier to live like this?"
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[[03/03/09 ♥ 1:39am]]
So... a lot has changed since I last updated. I never changed my hair, big surprise there since I'm so used to it black haha. I did get my nails done for a little but they're too annoying to keep up with. I got a new tattoo. Music note and a heart.. not exactly the most original thing in the world but I like it. I've had a lot on my mind lately.. had some ideas about where my life may or may not be headed. I don't know if I should take a different path entirely and switch to some kind of fashion school.. that's really where I'd fit in best but it's such a competitive industry. I have to do my research. Also, I'm single now. That's good I suppose. I'm really trying to get through this semester, it's a killer.

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Writer's Block: Clothing Options [[01/17/09 ♥ 6:49pm]]
When it comes to clothes, would you rather be comfortable or fashionable?

Fashion over function.
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[[12/08/08 ♥ 5:00am]]
I have no chance of sleep.. this blows. I'm watching Fuse and they have straight up music videos on from 4-6 am and it's called All-Nighter haha this is my new best friend. I'll be beat tomorrow night after having class all day tomorrow, of course, when I'm trying to go out.. but I'll suck it up. That's college life for ya! Can't wait for my month plus break.

Staying up late is productive because you think of all the ways you want to improve.. but this time I'm serious these are attainable things like changing my hair and getting (a) new tattoo(s). And I wanna start getting my nails done but I don't know if I can keep up with that haha.

Christmas is the most exciting time of the year.. shopping, baking, wrapping.... I love it all :]
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Quote by my girllll [[11/14/08 ♥ 3:01pm]]
"Love is a disease of the heart, in the end, there is no treatment curable and it might just kill you." - Betsey Johnson
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I hate this bitter cold. [[10/07/08 ♥ 1:26am]]
So, I can't really believe I'm going away Wednesday. The timing is horrible. I know I'm gonna miss Frank, Bob, and Squatch so much haha.... my boyfriends... anyway, it's also supposed to rain down there all 3 full days we're there. Nico wants to go to Creamy Acres this weekend which I've literally been trying to get everyone to agree to for the past three years. I guess they'll all go without me. Morris is coming home this weekend. Haven't seen him in a month and I miss him so much... but of course I won't see him. Also, Brie's having a party :( that I won't be able to attend. FML.

I'm just in a negative mood tonight but all in all, life's good. I'm sure Kait and I will enjoy NC a lot.. I haven't been down there in 5 years or so.. so it's cool this is sort of a mini-vacation and I guess as far as timing goes, beggars can't be choosers.
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[[10/04/08 ♥ 10:05pm]]
Welp, today was awesome.
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[[09/18/08 ♥ 4:08am]]
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[[09/10/08 ♥ 3:44pm]]
I got a little Nugget 2 nights ago. A Pomeranian pup born 6-20-08. He is the loveeee of my life.
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WOOWWW Am I kidding!?!?! [[08/17/08 ♥ 3:15am]]
"I'd much rather regret something I'd done rather than something I was too afraid to do."

YUP totally epitomizes how I feel right now. I've always liked that quote but never actually applied it to my life apparently. I'll always have that what if? now. FANTASTIC
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Summer.. [[06/18/08 ♥ 5:00pm]]
Been to 2 awesome Phillies games (they won both!)
Tyler's, Bob's, Bran's, Sasquatch's, Ian's, and Jean's graduation parties were a ton of fun.
Been down to Ocean City a couple times.. not enough whatsoever! But I'm trying to go to Jean's Wildwood house this week, and next also.
Kel's 18th and her graduation party are on Saturday! It's insaneee, mine's next weekend. I really can't wait.

My friends are the best.
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Fitting? [[05/15/08 ♥ 12:05am]]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

You gave up at the start,
you know you're better than that.
And I'm not buying into the words that fall out of your mouth.
Can you still remember the long rides home
when friendship meant everything?
It seemed like everyday we'd bounce off the walls,
can't we pick up where we left off instead of wasting time?
I know I've got a million things to say..
I've always got your back no matter what you put me through.
I'll be there for you.
And with luck on our side,
we may just make it out of here all right.
So let's start it all over and tell me what you thought
when life pitched you a curve ball and finally struck your ass out.
You left home and you told me that you were done with everything,
that life was cruel and now you've given up your dreams.
I've always got your back no matter what you put me through.
I'll be there for you.
And when you finally get back home,
your luck will change somehow, some way, somehow.
I've got everything I've ever wanted,
and now I'll give it all to you if it can make you smile.
I've always got your back no matter what you put me through.
It's hard to find the words to say,
the bonds we break, the friends we've made.
I'll always be there for you.

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[[05/06/08 ♥ 4:50pm]]
Let's make this a night to remember.
Let's forget all the times we spent together.
Let's run with our eyes closed because I suppose
some dreams are meant to be broken.
Let's runaway cause I don't know how to say this anyway.
Cause we don't believe in anything; we believe in yesterday.
She remembers all the pain and heartache.
Let's make this a night to remember.
Let's close down all the roads we drove on together.
Let's hop the next train because we can't regain
what's been lost in these lives in this small town.
Lock the door, cause I don't need to be in this place anymore.
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Jeana and Bob, [[04/28/08 ♥ 4:35pm]]
do you guys know the rule?

Anyway, jkzzz.
12 more days of school or something.
But I'm swarmed with projects and tests.. everyone's trying to fit shit in and it's ridiculous.
I can't hang.

This weekend was fun. Friday didn't do much, but me, Kel, Brien, Age, and Morris met up with Kel's step brother Tyler and we went to a park for about an hour to hang out but it was lateee so we peaced.
Dinner with Katie on Saturday was cuteee plus watched the Flyer's at CJ's with Kait, Alex, a million others.. Kara was there again haha love her. Anyway, it was fun got pretty crowded even though he didn't originally want to be having a party haha.. Kait and CJ are so cute.

PROM is Thursday. I think we're just gonna come back to my house afterwards then head to WW the next day / night which will be cool because Blaise will come and bring a couple friends maybe? And yeaaahhh should be good.

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[[04/23/08 ♥ 11:55pm]]
Trip was amazing. Roommate situation was really fun. I posted a million pictures on my myspace and facebook. The first day I couldn't use my camera though :( oh well. It was like 54 degrees when we went to Blizzard Beach but it warmed up to the 80s and Clearwater was awesome. The cruise was actually fun.. it was lovelyyy.

Anyway, moving on to prom. I don't know what we're doing afterwards but it seems to be shaping up okay. Should be a good time!
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[[04/14/08 ♥ 9:35pm]]
I have been so busy getting ready for trip and such.. a lot has happened. This weekend was Bran's birthday party. Really it was awesomeee. Me, Kel, Bob, Blaise, Ian, Morris, Squatch, and Emily were there. Good asss times.

Tomorrow we leave for Disney! I can't even wait.. I've never been. So exciting!
After Florida is Prommm <33 which should be fun too.. trying to party hard after lol

Well I'll post some pictures and stuff from the trip if I'm feeling like it ... when I get back :]
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[[03/29/08 ♥ 3:04am]]
I haven't updated this in weeks.. way too long.

A couple weekends ago Brie had a big party. It was awesome.. got to see all my favs. Her friends are a blast. Peej was there with his girlfriend too so that was nice.  Des made these drinks that Amber kept calling "slush" .. hah had to be there! <3 but I loved it.

On the Tuesday before break, Julia had a tonnnn of people go to the PJ's in Cherry Hill for dinner for her birthday. It was a good time, many people were thurrr so that was fun. The girls all left for Greece a couple days later so I'm glad I got to see them!

Wednesday, our first day of break, I had Kel, Mo, Jean, Bob, and Squatch over to watch a movie (didn't work), eat some Dominoes, and get sloppy lol. Screwdrivers<33 .. it was a good way to kick off break.

I don't remember what I did on each day but .. I know I was with Katie a lot. I went bowling with Fritz, Casey, Sasquatch, Kel, and Katie. That was actually a really fun night.. Casey and Squatch were hilarious<3. One night we went to Ideal to look for dresses for Kel, then to Applebees with the bffs. I went to King of Prussia to take back my dinner cruise dress, then Me, Kel, Katie, Bran, Morris, Squatch, Bob, Fritz, Nick.. all went to see Horton Hears a Who and it was really cute. Kelly and I went down to Atlantic City to go to The Walk and The Pier.. I got a prom necklace :]! and a ton of other stuff.. then Mo and Fritz came down to meet us for dinner and we went to the Rainforest Cafe. I went to South Street with Mal, she bought me real cute earrings<3, I bought a dress for the cruise on senior trip!, and we went to see Say Anything. It was the most awesome show I've been to in forever. Max Bemis should probably get around to marrying me. Anyway, enough of that.. the crowd really was crazy but we stayed in the front the whole time because I'm a psycho. Waiting around, we met some cool people lol.. I love Mallory and I'll miss going to shows with her next year. :[ After the show, Jean and I went to Alex's party. Some assholes stole the tap pretty soon after we got there so we went to the CLD then came to my house and slept. I had a dentist appointment in Philly the next day, then went to my mom's work and came home with her, went out for Chinese, then we went to Alex's. I brought a ton of people: Kel, Katie, Fritz, Bob, Squatch, Ian, Brandon, etc.. but it was cool :] fun times. We pretty much all went back to my house to sleep since the guys didn't drink at Alex's. Yup. I'm so lame posting all this but I don't care. I want to remember this break, it's been so fun.

Today Fritz, Squatch, Mo and I went to the Lancaster outlets. I didn't get much, just some pj pants for my mom, a shot glass for Sean and Billie, then a tanktop and shorts for me. We tried to go to Cici's but it was packed so oh well. We went to Sonic instead. It was everything I'd hoped. They're opening 6 in NJ Blaise says so that's ballin'. After we got home, Blaise and Kel came over and we just chilled.

Star Six Seven and No Turn on Red show tomorrow.. exciting!
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[[03/10/08 ♥ 9:56pm]]
I don't really update this much.. no one does though?

Last weekend Kelly, Morris, Sasquatch, Brandon, and I went to Fritz's. He cooked for us and shit.. I don't know what else happened that night. Saturday we went to Brandon's. We couldn't stay over so we all just came back to my house at like 1:30 in the morning haha. It was me, Kel, Katie, Bob, Morris, Sasquatch, Blaise, and Steve Koz. Watched a little Superbad, drank a bit, were up way too late... gooood times though :] .. Sunday I woke up and brought everyone Dunkin Donuts. I'm cute.. nah haha.. but we sat around watching Degrassi.. I got the guys to like it! Love it. I went to King of Prussia later and got a clutch for prom that matches my dress really well. Also, ordered the right size of my dress. I gotta get it taken in though? And hemmed? Boo. Oh well.

This weekend was uneventful. Hung out with my girl Katieee all weekend though haha. Kel was away so I was extra excited I had another girl to hang out with the whole time lol. We just chilled with the guys.. I dunno. Hockey party Saturday at Mr. Mo's was cute. Sunday Kait and I went to the St. Patty's Day parade. Way too early and WAY too bitter cold and windy. Afterwards, we chilled then I went to Jeana's, got some takeout, and watched In Treatment. That show is ballin!

I am soo excited .. we have off Wednesday. Tomorrow night I'm trying to get everyone to go to PJ's with me and Kel.. Kait and co. always go so that'll be good! Then apparently fire at Morris'? I dunno.

Wednesday I'm going back to King of Prussia.. need some essentials for senior trip. I'm not going too out of control though I mean shit gets so expensive.

This weekend Brie is having a party and I can't even really wait.. is it Saturday yet?! Then break is right afterwards :] and St. Patty's Day woooo!
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[[02/25/08 ♥ 8:46pm]]
This weekend was okay. The only thing really worth saying is that 16 of us went to the Cheesecake Factory on Friday lol. Me Kel Katie Alex Age Brien Brandon Bob Morris Squatch Fritz Ian Neale Jamie Nico Mikekirk .. damn! And it was my idea so I felt cool, not even gonna lie. Yeah the bill was $270.. not everyone ate. It was the best meal ever though. Katie stayed over and we were up pretty late being really ridiculous hah.

Saturday was stupid.

Yesterday Kait and I went to Gram's for dinner with the family and then we just went to CJ's roller hockey game at Skater's Choice.. love ittt.

This week is gonna suck.. today was so long. Whatever.
I'm excited to get my prom dress.. and 16 more schooldays til break :] ballin'!
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[[02/18/08 ♥ 11:42pm]]
Spice Girls on Wednesday was fabulous. :] haha.. missed my favorite song though. OH COOL. Yeah um I got a t shirt and tote bag for memory's sake. I made the mistake of wearing heels though and it was a longgg way up that flight of stairs.. steep trip too. Anyway, a few times during their set, the floor under us was shaking.. it was really scary because we were so high up. They played all their greatest songs and put on an awesome show. I hope they get together again in another 10 years. I will totally be there.

I'm just gonna pretend Valentine's Day didn't happen soo Friday we had a hockey game. A ton of people came, it was mad full there.. We beat them 3-0 and I was really excited. Me, Kel, Bob, Age, Brien, Morris, etc. all went to Applebee's after.

Saturday I was so sick.. it sucked. I went to Wegman's and Best Buy with Katie then we met up with Kait, Julia, and Alex and went to CJ's. Kara Maxwell was there! Oh jeez.. so random. Peej told us to go to his friend Nick's so we did that for awhile but Alex and I wanted to go elsewhere and it was getting late so I just dropped her back at CJ's and I went to the Phily Diner with Steve and Bob. Didn't get home til mad late but it was a fun night.

Yesterday I went to the mall and got my sunglasses :] wooo! So excited.. Kel and I got some food and watched Dirt then we went to get Steve, Alex, and Katie and met up with Brandon and Bob. We stopped at Kings Hwy to talk to Jamie Rooney for a bit but I wasn't trying to hang around so our group just went to the CLD. Yup. Katie and Kel slept over and we watched more Dirt.. love it.

Today I went to Coldstone with Kait and Jenna then chilled in Hfield a little.

Um tomorrow I'm trying to go to the basketball game after school :]
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